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Catch Flights, Not Feelings!

Growing up my mother always instilled in us the importance of experiences over material things, so when I turned 20 years old, I started to travel alone. Traveling alone always causes onlookers to ask me loads of questions about prices, safety, and boredom. Most resorts and accommodation services are based on double person occupancy, so even if it’s only a single person you still pay for two. The uncertainties of whether or not you will be safe at a destination, and furthermore, how will you have fun?! My responses are simple, you just go, and do! A life lived in fear, is a life not lived at all. I have been to seven countries alone thus far and have had the time of my life in all! I love being able to use my time any way I see fit, whether it’s spending the whole day on an excursion, shopping like the locals, or relaxing on the beach for a day of self-reflection. I also always try to learn more about the culture of the place I’m visiting; I speak to the locals, have local food dishes, and inquire about the language where applicable. See below for a picture of me in Cabo (August-September 2019) Everybody always sees me travel and tells me I’m “Lucky” I always tell them I just choose my leisure’s differently!

Lets Travel !

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